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More about the Study Design

MA: 4 Semester in 2 years.

Table of international ECTS credit points for each semester. (1 SUCA = 2 ECTS)

You can find details in the MA Curriculum and the guidelines for the study process.

PhD: 6 Semester in 3 years.

Table of the international ECTS credit points for each semester. (1 SUCA = 2 ECTS)

You find details in the PhD Curriculum and the guidelines for the study process.

Our Research and Practice oriented Approach

Study Design
We designed our distant learning study program such that you work on Psychology content and on writing your Final along a self-selected research topic from the very first day. Everything is centered around your self-selected research topic.
On the basis of your Research Proposal you do research in standard psychological knowledge and in your chosen focus area for relevant information regarding your own research topic. This is psychology applied first hand. By combining this knowledge with your very specific goal-oriented motivation you learn with us effective, efficient and fast.
Then you engage in searching, reading and citing relevant scientific literature and research findings of 3 to 5 research projects regarding your research question. Here you learn how psychological research is well done.
In the next step you interview at least 5 experts regarding the area of your research question.
On the basis of all your experiences from your previous steps you develop a quantitative questionnaire or you use a standard psychological questionnaire in order to test your hypotheses. This is what you use for your main research. Then you present in detail the results of this research, reflect the results critically and give a perspective on what you can practically do with your results.

MA and PhD finals at the ISP

Today the International School of Psychology (ISP) has 70 students from 12 countries: Nicaragua, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Israel, Netherlands, Kenia, Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. 7 Students have already successfully finished their study.

  • Bruce Grimley, Ph.D., Registered Executive Coach, C.Psychol. AFBPsS, Great Britain
    PhD at the UCN in Psychology
    with a focus in NLPsy
    Dissertation on What is NLP?
    submitted December 2015