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International School of Psychology

International Distant Learning at the UCN

The UCN offers innovative and advanced distant learning study programs in Psychology (MA, Dr./PhD). The excellent and outstanding design is based on a strong practice orientation, Coaching via Skype and intensive research orientation from the very first day of your study. This is for students from Nicaragua and all other countries worldwide in English and German language. Study Psychology working on solutions for real psychological problems at the UCN International School of Psychology (ISP@UCN).

The offered focus areas in Psychology are:
– Health
– Psychotherapy
– Clinical Psychology
– Coaching Psychology
– Business Psychology (I/O)
– Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLPsy)
– Mindfulness
– Positive Psychology

The international standard workload is for a Master degree (MA) 120 ECTS (60 SUCA) in 2 years and for a Doctorate (Dr./PhD) 180 ECTS (90 SUCA) in 3 years. Prior learning experience can be accepted as credit points and credits from other Universities can be transferred. For details see the official English ECTS user’s guide or the Español Guía de uso del ECTS.

These study programs can be done completely online without any on-campus presence.

They are especially designed for students with professional experience in the field of psychology, communication, coaching, business management, health, psychotherapy, mindfulness, counseling, social work or related fields. Distant learning is for students who can, for different reasons, not participate in an On-Campus program. Therefore, it has a different design and uses audio-visual medias, Skype, a Moodle e-learning platform and accompanying Coaching. These programs stared in 2008. Today there are about 75 students from 12 countries worldwide (4 continents). For the distant learning programs of the UCN we offer in addition and as an option on campus parts and examinations in Managua, Croatia and at the Representative Office of the UCN in Berlin (Germany).

If you are from Nicaragua you can meet the 2 main professors, Nandana Nielsen and Karl Nielsen, at the UCN in Managua. They are there every year for lectures and examinations. Please contact us: campus.berlin@ucn.edu.ni

Basic info for interested students
See our 2 pages info PDF here in english and aqui en español and ici en français

Study procedure and guidelines
See PDF with 16 detailed pages here in english and aqui en español and ici en français
For each chapter of your MA or PhD/Dr. thesis you can find here a separate guideline page.

Study Fee
Master in Psychology (2 years): 5.900 USD (all-inclusive and in total)
Doctor in Psychology (3 years): 8.900 USD (all-inclusive and in total)
All-inclusive price, incl.: Skype Coaching, Skype examinations, Shipment of Certificates
Installment is possible with a minimum of 2.000 USD for the first installment

Enrollment after accepted Research Proposal
Anytime possible
Needed documents see: Online Registration Form
For study admission of Master and Doctor is a Research Proposal obligatory
For writing a Research Proposal, see our open UCN Moodle Course

Please send your CV and Research Proposal to: campus.berlin@ucn.edu.ni

Professors at the ISP@UCN


Dr./ucn Karl Nielsen is as professor at the UCN head of the ISP. His special fields of competence are communication (NLPsy), coaching, health & psychotherapy (Clinical Psychology) and transpersonal psychology (NLPhil). He is President of the International Association of NLP Institutes (IN), chair of the German Umbrella Association for Psychotherapy (DVP e.V.) and member of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP).


Dr./ucn Nandana Nielsen is professor at the ISP of the UCN. Her special fields of competence are coaching, systemic therapy, communication (NLPsy), human development, ethnomethodology, social work and social psychology. She is President of the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI) and member of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP).

Nandana Nielsen and Karl Nielsen founded, together with other highly experienced specialists in these areas, in 2001 the International Association of NLP Institutes (IN) and the Internatioanla Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI) and in 2016 the World Hypnosis Organization (WHO) for worldwide ethics and quality assurance in NLP, Coaching, and Hypnoses. At the moment there are more than 7.000 highly experienced members from 83 countries in theses Associations and more than 36.000 experts in NLP, Coaching, Hypnoses, Constellation, Mindfulness, and Positive Psychology are certified by IN, ICI, or WHO. For the international study programs of the UCN in Psychology these associations are independent advisors without any decision authority. By using the outstanding and excellent expertise from these associations and their members the study programs in Psychology are highly practical grounded and use the power of motivation that is normally not found in the academic study area. Many of the evaluators and lecturer at the UCN International School of Psychology come from this area of expertise.

Lecturers and Evaluators at the ISP

  • Dr. Richard Bolstad, New Zealand
  • Dr. Ricardo Roberto Saavedra Hidalgo, Mexico
  • Dr. Gabriel Kovac, Israel
  • Dr. Nada Kaiser, Croatia
  • Prof. Dr. Alicja Gałązka, Poland
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Berchtold, Austria
  • Stephan Landsiedel, Dipl.-Psych., Germany
  • Profesor Asociado Dr. rer. nat. Claudia Wilimzig, Germany
  • Dr. Richard M. Gray, United States of America
  • Dr. Rev. Wilfredo Juan Baez, United States of America
  • Dr. Bruce Grimley, Great Britain
  • Profesor Asociado Dr. Christian Hanisch, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. David Otundo Ayuku, Kenya
  • Prof. Dr. Simon Kangethe, Kenya
  • Dr. Rogers Songole, Kenya
  • Dr. Lucas Derks, Netherlands
  • Dr. Samwel Kebaya, Kenya
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Regen, Russia
  • Dr. Maria Cristina Guberti, Italy
  • Dr. Evgeny Zolotarev, Russia